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Receipt Printer
BP-T3B: 3" thermal w/Auto Cutter, 260mm/sec,              USB+RS232+Ethernet 1) 3-in-1 interfaces w/RS232&USB cables as bundle    ---to meet the most application working        environments with no interface change        request2) Multiple language supported    ---by utility option, and it supports Chines         languages changed between Traditional and         Simplified Chinese3) QR Code (2D) supported4) OPOS Driver is available5) 256KB NV Flash buffer built-in to support logo     downloading 
NEW EstiLO with tFLAT (true-flat)
(1) New Elegant IT6002C2 for public kiosk (2) 10 inch LED (1024 x 768 resolution) zFLAT (3) Dual Corelow power consumption( 6.5W) ATOM N2800( 1.86 Ghz) with 32nm process (4) Double preference Graphic(640Mhz/DX10.1/HD) (5) Supports screen brightness adjustment byBios (6) Supports Cash drawer port x 1; 4 x COM supports 5V/12V setting through Pin9 (7) Optional for mSATA Flash Disk ( then maximumdual storage can be 1 x 2.5” HDD + 1 x mSATA SSD) Besides tFLAT, wewill have another zFLAT stands for “ true-FLAT screen” especailly for10” model ( 10 inch panel pc, PP/PT/PZ , TM-1600 and EstiLo). zFLAT is applicable to Project Capcitivetouch( called PCT) Multi-touch screen. You could know PCT basically made by the spcial “Glass” with PCT technology, and PCT touch screen doesn’t with“ Tail “. Inbrief, the PCT touch screen completely is flat. So what we have to do is tohave “ Aluminum bezel ” match the PCT thickness to reach “ Zero gap”. It issomething like the iPhone cover. So we called it as “ zFLAT”
Panel PC touch system series
PT series (with aluminum-made high stand) 15" /9.7" (1024 x 768) PT All-in-one touch system ---It intergrated onto all-in-one system as seamless    all-in-on system ---ATOM D525 and N2800(Fanless), with high stand,    ---Aluminum-metal  casing with tFlat and zFlat design, front monitor has water-split proof ---designed for general POS system



About Us

New generation in 15" All-in-One POS PC.
The Desire:
a. Sophisticated ( for QuadCore J1900, Core i3/i5 platform)
b. Aluminum housing and clean with contemporary touch
c. Options of desktop stand and stand with 80mm thermal printer built-in
d. More options of MSR, VFD, 2nd TFT( 8” and 15”)

The Details
a. Hidden cable management with movable cover
b. 15” LED TFT with resistive touch( projected capacitive touch is optional)
c. Pull-out-slide design for easy upgrades and repairs( MB, RAM, HDD…)


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